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We created Cape of Storms Distilling Company to bring our customers an authentic taste experience. By using a mix of centuries old methods, and modern techniques, we have created a Rum that is both smooth and full of flavour. From the beginning, we set out to transform the perception of Rum as a drink in South Africa.

When it came time to do our branding, we had a fairly good idea of what we wanted. We wanted something modern that referenced the ocean, but wasn’t the typical vintage maritime trend. We also wanted a symbol that would tie back to both Cape Town and the Cape of Storms. We chose the Old Lighthouse at Cape Point.

The lighthouse is seen as a symbol of hope for people at sea. The Old Lighthouse at Cape Point is situated in, what is now known as, the Cape of Good Hope, and is vital in an area well known for its strong storms. In the same way that the lighthouse is a beacon, we hope to be the focus of many great taste experiences.

Design Process

Concept Logo Final Logo

As previously mentioned, we wanted a modern looking take on the nautical theme. We picked our colours very early on, but our logo style changed as time went by. The first logo was a direct interpretation of the Cape Point lighthouse. We were also aiming for a very clean and flat look, however, when we further explored the brand we felt it needed to be more playful.

The final logo still kept the flat style, but we loosened it up by using a hand-drawn illustrated logo. The new logo captures the movement of the ocean and is more free-spirited. We feel that the new logo is bold, adventurous and reflects our desire to share new experiences.

Concept Label Final Label

With the concept label, the idea was to have a rectangle that was broken by the circle of the logo, to give it a more interesting shape. In South Africa, craft White Rum is not commonly found on the shelves. As such, it was important to us that the word Rum was legible from a distance.

On the final label, we chose to emphasise the lighthouse because it was such a defining character of the visual part of the brand. By extending the label, it allowed us to better showcase the lighthouse and incorporate the ocean with our wave pattern.

We would like to conclude with the colour palette. The colours were picked for maximum contrast to create a bold brand. The darkest colour, the deep blue is moody like the stormy ocean. It is directly contrasted with the electric-blue, this colour choice brings energy to the design. The sandy light brown colour brings a hint of warmth.

We spent a large amount of time with our designer, Martha Balaile, and a lot of thought went into our visual brand, which we believe, represents the personality of Cape of Storms Distilling Company. We feel our brand is playful, adventurous and friendly and we are very excited for you to get to know our Distillery.

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