Rum Moving Forward

Rum is generally considered by many around the world as a party spirit, this perception however is slowly changing, it is now also being recognised as a premium product.  With the number of Craft Rum Distilleries increasing every year, the spirit is on course to become just as popular as Gin. Rum can be spiced, aged, light or dark and it's all of these variations that mean the taste possibilities are endless.

Home Sweet Home

Being based in South Africa, we have a very good overview of the local Rum industry. For many years, the most popular spirits in South Africa have been Brandy and Whiskey. This is understandable, as South Africa produces some of the best Brandy in the world and the selection of local and international Whiskeys is very robust.

The fact that South Africa does not have a large selection of locally produced, good quality Rums is quite odd, as we are one of the largest growers of sugarcane in the world. It is only in the past 5 years or so that better quality Rums have been available in the country from abroad. 

The large majority of Rum in South Africa is consumed mixed with something else, for example, in cocktails or with cola. However, with the steady increase in international Rum offerings on the shelves, many South Africans are beginning to become interested in Rum as a premium spirit. This is where craft distilleries like ours are stepping in.

Local Craft Rum

As South Africans, we appreciate locally made products, this can be seen in the massive support given to the now booming Craft Gin and Beer industries. With the local Craft Rum industry getting on its feet, we believe that South Africans are ready and waiting to experience good quality, locally made Rum.

At Cape of Storms Distilling Company we have great belief in Rum as a craft spirit. We aim, not only to be a part of the rising interest, but to help develop the industry by making Rums that are flavourful and that can be enjoyed on the rocks or in a cocktail.  

We hope to show South Africans how interesting Rum can be ! Finally, one of our biggest goals would be to represent South Africa on the international stage as crafters of a true top quality, locally produced Rum.

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