Rum Punch Popsicles

As the weather slowly heats up in 2020, what better way to cool down than a frozen fruity popsicle made from Rum punch! When making these, one thing to remember is that alcohol will not freeze at the same temperature as other liquids. This means that theses boozy popsicles will come out slightly softer than normal store bought ones.

For this recipe you will need a blender of some sort as well as popsicle molds of any shape that you think is fun. Ingredients:


  1. In a blender, combine the juices, our two rums and the grenadine. When smooth give it one last stir.

  2. Pour the punch into popsicle molds and freeze for 1 hour.

  3. Insert popsicle sticks into each mold and freeze until completely set.

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