The Great White Rum

When coming up with a name for our first product we wanted to choose something that reflects not only our excitement at sharing our creation with the world, but one that also has strong ties to the beautiful city we call home.

A Great White Rum

The most obvious aspect is the play on words, “The Great White Rum”. When we started Cape of Storms Distilling Company, we all agreed that one of our core values would be the development of unique hand-crafted products.

We believe that by having a hand in as much of the creation process as possible, and by taking that little bit of extra time, we have produced a Rum that is both smooth and full of flavour.

When it comes to Rum, the perception is that the better-quality products are very often the aged ones. So, we set out to go against that trend with our first product, and develop a white Rum that is perfect being sipped straight or on the rocks.

With this in mind, and after much experimentation, we feel that the final product we have crafted is a “Great White Rum”.

The Great White Shark

The idea for the name came from another source, one that is very much tied to the city of Cape Town and the oceans surrounding it. That source is an apex predator of the oceans, the Great White Shark.

While these sharks can be found in much of the world's oceans, Cape Town is one of very few places on the globe where one of their lesser known hunting talents, breaching, can be seen.

Breaching is the result of a high-speed approach to the ocean surface, with the resulting momentum taking the shark partially or completely out of the water.

Great Whites often use this technique to hunt seals around Seal Island in False Bay, near Cape Town, which brings home just how powerful these ocean predators are.

With the above in mind, we hope that our Rum will become recognized as one of the best in the market and that it’s introduction to your taste buds will bring as much of a surprise as a breaching Great White Shark!

An apex creation in its own right!

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