The Kalk Bay Breakwater Head Lighthouse

Though not officially listed as a South African lighthouse we couldn't resist including this one as the photographs during the winter season are just so spectacular!

The seaside town of Kalk Bay along the False Bay coast was first established in 1742 as a mini-port for Dutch sailors. Since then, fishing has become a way of life for many of its residents over the centuries.

While the decades have seen many changes to this area, one mainstay is its iconic lighthouse and harbour.

The Kalk Bay harbour is one of the last active fishing harbours on the Cape Peninsula. According to the Kalk Bay Historical Association, construction on the harbour began in 1913.

The beach attached to the harbour was known as Fishery Beach, the spot where all the fishermen would bring their boats to shore after hours of fishing.

Today, people from far and wide flock to the area to indulge in fresh fish, and also enjoy the company of the many seals that call it home.

The Kalk Bay lighthouse stands strong and tall on the jetty off the main road. This prominent landmark was built in 1919, and is a must see for visitors.

Featuring a red-and-white striped tower, situated at the tip of the bustling pier, this beacon was established to safely light the way of sailors on the sea.

In winter it gives new meaning to the phrase “Cape of Storms”, as large waves are known to come hurtling into the bay, crashing against the jetty and lighthouse with substantial impact – a truly riveting sight to behold!

Despite these massive waves, the lighthouse stands firm. It weathers any storm, much like its residents and Capetonians in general.

Photo by Kyle Mijlof

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