The Milnerton Lighthouse

Surrounded by lagoon, palm trees and residential homes Milnerton Lighthouse stands on Woodbridge Island.

This is the only nautical guard within metres of a golf course, lighting the eighteenth

hole of the spectacular Milnerton Golf Course.

It is one of the most famous views in South Africa with the panorama of Table Mountain and Table Bay in the background.

Milnerton Lighthouse was commissioned on 10 March 1960 and the cost of the

installation was R38 320. It is one of only a few cylindrical lighthouses along the

South African coastline

This 21m cylindrical tower of white concrete protects seafarers near this suburbs

coastline, which has caused more shipwrecks than any other section of South Africa's coast.

Urban development has reconstructed this coastline between Table Bay Harbour and Cape Colombine burying the secrets of wrecked ships below a new mass of land and construction.

Over 150 ships have wrecked themselves on these shores over the last few

hundred years, the stranded Nieuw Haarlem is commemorated with a plaque at the


The lighthouses revolving electric optics cast white light 25 nautical miles out across

the Atlantic Ocean swells, flashing 9 times in a minute with a candela power of 800

000 CD. This West Coast site of flashing light has a focal plane of 28 metres above

high water.

Mariners approaching Table Bay after dark are confronted by a maze of lights and a

high level of background city illumination. The harbour navigation lights tend to

merge with the city lights making identification difficult.

Milnerton functions in conjunction with Robben Island and Green Point lighthouses to

remove any ambiguity in determining a safe anchorage.

Milnerton Lighthouse is not open to the public but it has still managed to become a

popular landmark over the years.

Photo by Manie van der Hoven

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